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The offer came to the captain of Adrian Darya-1, a tanker which was detained by UK forces in the Mediterranean, but later let go. The captain was told he would secure millions of dollars, and a new life in the US, if he would sail the ship to a port where it could be recaptured. One source, the owner of a London-based business intelligence firm who has worked with the US on similar operations in the past, was among those who were incredulous. The executive asked not to be identified because of ongoing client operations and fears of being identified.

An Open Secret review – damning documentary takes aim at sexual abuse in Hollywood

They should have sent a covert team on to disable the tanker or found enough dirt on the captain to f him over," said the source. He argued that making the policy overt in an email risked compromising the entire program. Which it did.

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The ship itself was blacklisted under a package of sanctions the US has been using to pressure Iran into renegotiating the so-called nuclear deal struck by the Obama administration. The designation came after the tanker was seized by UK forces off the coast of Gibraltar in July.

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It was released after six weeks following a court ruling, and after Iran promised not to send the ship to Syria. The US response focused on ensuring the tanker didn't make it to its apparent initial destination off the coast of Syria, an Iranian ally, to which it was expected to deliver 2.

The ship is currently moored off the Syrian port of Tartus.

Life is an Open Secret: Think About It - 18 Inspirational Stories from Ordinary Life Experiences

Read more: The State Department tried to bribe the captain of an Iranian tanker with several million dollars, but he headed toward Syria instead. In most cases, US intelligence and law enforcement have used paid confidential informants often referred to by the abbreviation CI to help identify money laundering operations employed by drug cartels or designated terror groups like Iran's Revolutionary Guard or Hezbollah.

The business intelligence firm owner described a murky world where helping the US government as an informant can be lucrative, but also filled with physical and financial risk.

But, once the operation becomes public, the source said there can be internal interference from other agencies competing to make busts, or who worry about their own assets. Despite the risks, multiple confidential informants have made millions, according to the source, and confirmed by multiple other former DEA officials. But the most successful areas for informants seeking payouts has been the battle throughout Central and South America against large drug cartels and rebel groups in league with drug traffickers.

An Open Secret: Russia Will Never Become a Stealth Fighter 'Superpower'

In at least three major public cases, the DEA has paid out huge sums to informants after sting operations:. The film covers the story of actor Brian Peck, who previously worked for Nickelodeon and alongside director Bryan Singer on X-Men and X-Men 2; Peck was convicted of two counts of lewd acts with a child.

Peck is now working within the system yet again. Who is doing the hiring? Why are they any part of what you would ever do?

As well as stricter cross-checking, they want the film to lead to a mandatory minimum sentence for any convicted offenders. The film also explores the case of Marty Weiss , a youth-talent manager who was convicted of two charges against Evan Henzi, who alleged that Weiss assaulted him between 30 and 40 times over a five-year period.

Weiss ended up serving just six months in prison. I blamed myself and felt guilty. Going back to the beginning, I realised that was not the case and it was just me trying to believe that everyone was good in the world and knew better than me.

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  • Another aim of the film is to help the victims of abuse and prevent them from falling into chemical dependency, alcoholism and further psychological problems. All profits from the film will be going to a foundation set up to provide any necessary support. Both producers see the film as the start to a long process that will now begin once more people have access to the story.